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Remember the Stuebnville Rape Case? Well, we certainly do as we have been following it from day one. The Anonymous member who gathered and released the social media evidence against the rapists could face up to 10 years in prison for doing so. The 2 rapists that were convicted only got 2 years each. That is bullshit.
Read up on this and if you find it as appalling as we do, please see what you can do to help KYAnonymous.

Article on Gawker

Article on

The KYAnonymous Fan/Support page on Facebook

The Whistle Blower Defense League Fund

Most Importantly, do whatever you can, whenever you can to put an end to Rape, to fight against Rape Culture, stand up for the rights of Rape Victims and put an end to Victim Shaming.


SO fucked up

That this guy is at risk for going to prison for longer than the men whose true actions and mindset he revealed?


are you kidding me


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my oral sex skills are about the only good thing i have going for me in life

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I really need to smoke some weed

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I know you wanted to be there at my mother’s service.
Cottage grove, Saturday, 3 o clock.
There’s directions on her facebook.
Be there or don’t. Its not up to me.

Neighbor knocked on my door today after harassing me night before

Me: this is my private domicile and I will not be harassed