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It freaks me out

Kids make music about partying and its so shallow and simple minded it actually makes my IQ drop. Seriously though if youre going to put effort into making music that only entices the listeners by writing simplistic rhymes about how much liquor you drink and how many blunts you roll you could at least do it good. I know they aint got real experiences to put into their lyrics so they have to use their imagination to make them seem like their life is all partying and “making money” when half of em are broke as fuck, rapping to a microphone thats plugged into their cheap ass laptop with audacity as an interface.
And this is mostly aimed at the people that look up to terrible rappers and think “oh thats easy if wiz can rhyme blunts with cunts or joints with points then i can too!” gimme a fuckin break.
What happened to lyricism, creativity, ingenuity, and clever rhymes coupled with extraordinary delivery. Yall suck and you need to be told it.
If all you can rap about is smoking every fuckin day you need to just quit because youre the reason people hate rap and call it ignorant and stupid.
Listen to true intelligent rappers, cuz half the shit in your playlist is not inspiration for you to make good shit.
That concludes my rant for today.

I really cant wait to go out on the ocean for 4 months and make 50 grand.

Girl dies from dabs and nobody bats an eye.
You say weed is linked to mental illness and everyone loses their fuckin mind.

Stupidity fuels my anger
Which fuels my ambition to work out harder
And push myself further and further
Push yourself!!!


Wish my beard would grow back faster

Seein my best bro today.
He lives the closest hes ever lived to me and i still rarely see him.
But at least we finna get our grub on and go to the beach n shit.
I aint gotta blaze trees to have a good time.
And fishing tomorrow im so fuckin stoked.
My girl got me a new pole so im so ready to catch me a big’n